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What is Chainmail Milter?

Chainmail Milter is a Sendmail® mail filter (milter), which allows to manipulate emails passing through a Sendmail® mail server in various ways. Based on the content of the email header and bodies, chainmail can add or remove recipients, reject messages, etc. Chainmail is intended to be a general purpose mail filter, comparable to the well-known procmail program in its mail filter mode.

Chainmail is copyright © 2003-2004 by Leonid Zeitlin ( Chainmail is distributed under the terms of GNU General Public License version 2.0.


Chainmail can select certain messages that pass through your Sendmail® mail server and apply certain actions to them. What messages chainmail selects and what actions it applies is controlled by its configutaion file. Messages can be selected based on:

Actions that can be applied to messages include:


You can read full chainmail documentation online here. The same documentation is included in the chainmail distribution.


Chainmail is available for download from its SourceForge project page. The distribution consists of two packages: chainmail proper and its accompanying library milteroo. You need to download both packages. Source tarballs, as well as source RPMs and binary RPMs for some systems are available. Refer to chainmail documentation for installation instructions.


If you have any questions or suggestions about chainmail, please contact the author, Leonid Zeitlin at the email address

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